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New ecommerce website for Wemoto

Wemoto (World’s End Motorcycles) hold the UK’s largest range of motorcycle spare parts with over 1 million pattern parts listed for all makes and models of bike from 1970 to present day. The company is evolving their approach to ecommerce, with a need to stay current and competitive, by finding new ways to deliver their services easily […]

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How well do you know the Web?

If the websites you used from day to day had their branding and visual assets removed, would you still be able to recognise them simply by their basic wireframe elements? Designation Labs has developed this fun little quiz which tests the theory. How well can you identify a website design from its wireframe alone?  

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Case Study: A brand new identity for Studio Gallant

Over the past few month we’ve made some big decisions about the identity and direction of our company. Our business has grown slowly but steadily since our humble beginnings in 2004, where we started out in the spare bedroom, before quickly renting desk space, then progressing on to our new home. Throughout that growth, while so […]

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A new home for Studio Gallant

After a lot of packing and unpacking, we’re happy to announce that we have moved into our new home at 68 Middle Street. It’s been an exciting start to 2014 for Studio Gallant, with the new office providing space for a growing team and space to think, meet, sit and relax. Since starting our company back in 2004, […]

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